Line 3 Legal Defense Fundraiser at Boundary 4/10

Line 3 Legal Defense Fundraiser at Boundary Stillwater April 10

Join us for a benefit event with live music at Boundary in Downtown Stillwater, MN on April 10th to support the Line 3 Legal Defense Fund!

As of this moment, 587 known water protector cases are currently open and moving through MN’s court system, with over 953 total which had been documented since the beginning of the pipeline’s construction.

Defendants are facing outrageously trumped-up charges including felony theft charges when NO theft has occurred, the absurd charge of felony “attempted assisted suicide” and gross misdemeanors for “trespass on critical infrastructure”.

The Line 3 Legal Defense Fund (L3LDF) is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization founded in 2019 based in the Twin Cities organized to provide “support to people facing arrest, jail time, and state repression because of their opposition to Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline project.”

This event will feature live original music from Eóin Small & friends, with words from defendants on why they took the actions they did and ways to support as we move into upcoming spring & summer court proceedings.

What to Expect!


Music! – Eóin Small will be carrying an acoustic singer-songwritery vibe with an offering of original songs & stories.

Food Menu! – Boundary has an amazing lunch menu that will be available to attendees! A portion of proceeds from food will be contributed to the Line 3 Legal Defense Fund.

Water Shots – As part of the fundraiser, shots of WATER will be available at the “bar” inside the venue.

Other Drinks – Boundary has a variety of caffeinated & non-caffeinated non-alcoholic beverages available – make sure to peep their menu!  Note: there will not be any beer/alcohol sold at this gathering 🙂

“Community Marketplace” – SeekJoy will have patches, water droplets, #BringBackTheHanky’s and stickers available for purchase with 50/50 split on proceeds going to the Legal Defense Fund! If you’re an artist with works that you’d like to have a part of this effort on a 50/50 basis, please reach out!

Parking – Nearby parking can be an issue so plan to walk a little ways to the venue. There is a parking lot off Nelson on the eastern side of venue and a lot on Water St to the north, as well as street parking throughout downtown Stillwater

Donations – This IS a fundraising event and although there’s no “Cover Charge”  or ticketing, we strongly encourage you to make a contribution! The Line 3 Legal Defense Fund is a registered 501c4 Non-Profit.

Covid – Let’s be covid-conscious! We will be encouraging folks to mask-up (and will have some n95s available if you don’t have one), but this will not be a requirement per state & venue guidelines. Let’s be respectful of space and make sure everyone feels safe & supported!

The video includes footage from the speakers at the end of the event blending the need for action at a local level to protect the water and the rice.

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The SEEKJOY CommunityLine 3 Legal Defense Fundraiser at Boundary 4/10

$5 Patches With Discount Code in Community Marketplace

This holiday season, consider purchasing USED clothing (or not purchasing any new garments) and add a patch for a personal flair on something you already have!

All Patches in the Community Marketplace are $5 through the start of 2022 using the “SpreadTheWord” Discount Code during Checkout!

A couple rad things about buying a seekjoy patch:

  • Made from Upcycled, Landfill-Destined Fabrics!
  • Embroidered Off-Grid with Solar Power!
  • Reduces Demand in an Environmentally Destructive Industry!
  • Supports a Grassroots Organizing Cooperative!
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The SEEKJOY Community$5 Patches With Discount Code in Community Marketplace

Honor Our Treaties Patch Available in Community Marketplace

Much of our focus throughout the spring of 2021 was providing support to the organizing efforts behind the “Treaty People’s Gathering: Rise, Protect Stop Line 3” which took place June 5-8, 2021 on the White Earth Reservation in Northern Minnesota.

The Treaty People Gathering was a multi-day event which lead into a series of non-violent direct actions to stop the active construction of the Line 3 Tar Sands Oil Pipeline, the largest expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure underway in North America being built across Northern Minnesota.

The central theme of the event/gathering was that “We Are All Treaty People” – a phrase spoken often by the indigenous women leading the RISE Coalition.

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The SEEKJOY CommunityHonor Our Treaties Patch Available in Community Marketplace

Choose Your Line 3 Legacy, Governor Walz [Event Photos]

Coalition groups opposing the Line 3 Tar Sands Oil Pipeline organized “Choose Your Line 3 Legacy, Governor Walz“, a gathering at the Governor’s Mansion in St. Paul, MN on Saturday Nov. 14th.

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The SEEKJOY CommunityChoose Your Line 3 Legacy, Governor Walz [Event Photos]

UpCycled Lighter Sleeves from Landfill-Destined Jeans!

Did you know that in 2015, according to the EPA, Americans discarded 16.03 million TONS of textiles into the municipal solid waste system? Did you know that 10.53 MILLION of those TONS ended up in landfills? We didn’t either, until we did, which got us thinking and…

So – without further ado… We’re super stoked to introduce a new line of SEEKJOY merch into the community marketplace! These little sleeves, designed to slip snuggly over a standard BIC™-style lighter, are upcycled from remnants of landfill-destined jeans that we have begun to intercept, seam-rip and re-purpose for various merch & goods.

Why lighter sleeves? Well, because many times when a lighter is pulled out of a pocket it is being used in a social setting – smoke breaks at work, candle-lighting, maybe even (dare we say) smoking a joint where it is not illegal…

What better of a time could there be to talk about what we must do, as two-leggeds, to bring about radical social change and transform how we interact with each other and our natural environment?

Okay, okay, okay…. We get it. Yes, we understand that lighters contain gas, a fossil fuel, and that seems to contradict our #SYLFFIRE (Support Your Local Fossil Fuel Industry Resistance Effort) initiative. But hey, maybe this is one of those things that can be talked about when someone sees your awesome, SEEKJOY-afied lighter and asks you “hey, what is SEEKJOY?” and you say something like, “well, it’s a small community-based project calling for radical social change pledging to catalyze immediate efforts towards the long-term, sustainable cohabitation of all people, nations and cultures.”

If, after looking into all this, that person you were speaking with brings to light this paradox it’s another chance for open dialogue and conversation, which is one of the first steps we believe is necessary in bringing about this radical social change.

Anywho – back to these little lighter sleeves. As with most all of our merch, they’re manufactured using alternative energy. Yes, the embroidery and sewing machines are running completely off-grid on solar. As we come across and intercept denim fabric from being buried in landfills, we’ll be making these Lighter Sleeves in small, unique batches and adding them to the SEEKJOY Community Marketplace. We’ve listed the sleeves for $12 each, but if you enter the discount code “keeptalking” (without the quotation marks) you’ll get $2 off each one so they’re really $10 each!

The sun’s currently shining so we’re going to follow the age-old adage, “Make hay while the sun shines” and keep on sewing.

Sending love to everyone out there supporting our work! Click the link below to view the current selection of SEEKJOY lighter sleeves from our pilot batch!

Link to View Current Style: https://seekjoy.myshopify.com/collections/merch/lighter-sleeve

Source on EPA MSW Facts & Figures: https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2018-07/documents/2015_smm_msw_factsheet_07242018_fnl_508_002.pdf

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The SEEKJOY CommunityUpCycled Lighter Sleeves from Landfill-Destined Jeans!

Winter. Is. Here.

It’s October 11th, 2018 and snow has fallen on the White Earth Reservation in Northern Minnesota.

If you haven’t heard about the Enbridge Energy Proposed “Line 3 Pipeline” we’re encouraging you to get up to speed. Long story short, we as Minnesotans, Midwesterners & Mississippi River’ers have the choice to let a Tar Sands Oil Pipeline cross our headwaters or not. This pipeline is a 50-year investment in wrong direction.

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The SEEKJOY CommunityWinter. Is. Here.

Camp Turtle Island hosts a “Day of Resistance”

Camp Turtle Island, an Anishinaabe Cultural Camp inside the White Earth Nation, held a beautiful “Day of Resistance” Saturday, July 21st featuring live music from Sarah Cav-Cedars and Annie Humphrey as well as others who joined in throughout the afternoon during the open mic!

SEEKJOY helped assemble

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The SEEKJOY CommunityCamp Turtle Island hosts a “Day of Resistance”

Water Droplets – Spread the Love!

SEEKJOY has officially shipped the first round of Water Droplets! For those who placed orders as part of the first batch – please accept our apology – it’s been a busy month!

For those who are just tuning in… We’ve been working to establish a mechanism for

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The SEEKJOY CommunityWater Droplets – Spread the Love!