Line 3 2nd Revised FEIS Hearing at the PUC


Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission held hearings at the MN Senate Building in Downtown St. Paul regarding the 2nd Revised Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Line 3 Replacement Project.

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The SEEKJOY CommunityLine 3 2nd Revised FEIS Hearing at the PUC

Northern Metal Community Intervention – A Local’s Perspective

The Northern Metal Recycling facility along the Mississippi in North Minneapolis, Minnesota, has burdened local residents for years with toxic pollution. Although the facility’s shredder was scheduled to cease operations by August 1st, 2019, it will continue to operate due to an extension provided by the Ramsey County District Court.


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The SEEKJOY CommunityNorthern Metal Community Intervention – A Local’s Perspective

Conversation at Save the BWCA Rally | MN State Capitol


In the early afternoon of Wednesday, May 22, a group rallied at the Minnesota State Capitol in support of the protecting the Boundary Waters Canoe Area from extractive industry exploitation.

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The SEEKJOY CommunityConversation at Save the BWCA Rally | MN State Capitol

Video: Into the Sugar Bush (Part 1)

In Part 1 of “Into the Sugar Bush” Bill Paulson walks us through the Anishinaabe cultural way of setting taps in the Maple trees on the White Earth Reservation in Northwestern Minnesota.

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The SEEKJOY CommunityVideo: Into the Sugar Bush (Part 1)

Into the Sugar Bush!

We recently had the honor of joining Bill Paulson of Camp Turtle Island on the White Earth Reservation to harvest sap from the Maple Syrup trees, a central component of the Spring season which, according to Paulson, is the “New Year” for the Anishinaabe People.

The gathering of Maple Syrup is one of many the many rights protected by treaties between the Anishinaabe and the United States Government. We’ll be uploading some video we captured of Paulson speaking on this topic in the next day or two – check back in a bit!

We’ve posted photos from our day in the Sugar Bush to facebook and non-watermarked, higher resolution images to our smugmug (links below).

Photo Gallery Links

Facebook Photo Gallery (Watermarked):

Smugmug Gallery (High Res):

Happy New Year – Sending Love from SEEKJOY Camp!

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The SEEKJOY CommunityInto the Sugar Bush!

#4Necessity Valve Turners Action & Arraignment Recap


In the late morning of Monday, February 4th, 2019 four Catholic Workers participated in a non-violent direct action (NVDA) which forced the shutdown of Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 & 4 pipelines in Northern Minnesota.

The four activists, acting as the group “Four Necessity” are Brenna Cussen Anglada, Michele Naar-Obed, Daniel Yildirim and Allyson Polman. The action was live-streamed via Facebook on the Four Necessity Facebook Page until local law enforcement demanded the phone be turned off prior to being taken into custody.

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The SEEKJOY Community#4Necessity Valve Turners Action & Arraignment Recap

UpCycled Lighter Sleeves from Landfill-Destined Jeans!

Did you know that in 2015, according to the EPA, Americans discarded 16.03 million TONS of textiles into the municipal solid waste system? Did you know that 10.53 MILLION of those TONS ended up in landfills? We didn’t either, until we did, which got us thinking and…

So – without further ado… We’re super stoked to introduce a new line of SEEKJOY merch into the community marketplace! These little sleeves, designed to slip snuggly over a standard BIC™-style lighter, are upcycled from remnants of landfill-destined jeans that we have begun to intercept, seam-rip and re-purpose for various merch & goods.

Why lighter sleeves? Well, because many times when a lighter is pulled out of a pocket it is being used in a social setting – smoke breaks at work, candle-lighting, maybe even (dare we say) smoking a joint where it is not illegal…

What better of a time could there be to talk about what we must do, as two-leggeds, to bring about radical social change and transform how we interact with each other and our natural environment?

Okay, okay, okay…. We get it. Yes, we understand that lighters contain gas, a fossil fuel, and that seems to contradict our #SYLFFIRE (Support Your Local Fossil Fuel Industry Resistance Effort) initiative. But hey, maybe this is one of those things that can be talked about when someone sees your awesome, SEEKJOY-afied lighter and asks you “hey, what is SEEKJOY?” and you say something like, “well, it’s a small community-based project calling for radical social change pledging to catalyze immediate efforts towards the long-term, sustainable cohabitation of all people, nations and cultures.”

If, after looking into all this, that person you were speaking with brings to light this paradox it’s another chance for open dialogue and conversation, which is one of the first steps we believe is necessary in bringing about this radical social change.

Anywho – back to these little lighter sleeves. As with most all of our merch, they’re manufactured using alternative energy. Yes, the embroidery and sewing machines are running completely off-grid on solar. As we come across and intercept denim fabric from being buried in landfills, we’ll be making these Lighter Sleeves in small, unique batches and adding them to the SEEKJOY Community Marketplace. We’ve listed the sleeves for $12 each, but if you enter the discount code “keeptalking” (without the quotation marks) you’ll get $2 off each one so they’re really $10 each!

The sun’s currently shining so we’re going to follow the age-old adage, “Make hay while the sun shines” and keep on sewing.

Sending love to everyone out there supporting our work! Click the link below to view the current selection of SEEKJOY lighter sleeves from our pilot batch!

Link to View Current Style:

Source on EPA MSW Facts & Figures:

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The SEEKJOY CommunityUpCycled Lighter Sleeves from Landfill-Destined Jeans!

Trump Rally Resistance in Duluth Minnesota

Some two-leggeds from the SEEKJOY community traveled North on Wednesday to hold space during President Trump’s visit to Duluth, Minnesota and after spending some time driving around in front of the Amsoil Arena ended up parked by a group of humans gathered at Lake & Superior holding a variety of signage in opposition to the Trump Administration.

We’ve uploaded photos on Facebook in a gallery (Click for FB Photo Gallery) as well as to our Smugmug Portal in higher resolution (SmugMug Gallery Here)

Video recap coming soon – sending love!

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The SEEKJOY CommunityTrump Rally Resistance in Duluth Minnesota

Wind Turbine Install near Line 3 Pipeline Route

We were invited up to Pure Bliss Ranch as part of Earth Rhythms 2018, a 3-day Music and Arts Festival north of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota on the White Earth Reservation.

We arrived early yesterday morning before the Pre-Party (June 7th, 2018) and immediately began documenting the install of a 10Kw wind turbine which will offset energy on the ranch used to power this and future events.

Below is the video which has been posted on facebook here:


A photo gallery of the install can be found here on facebook and in higher resolution on the SEEKJOY Community’s Smugmug Portal

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The SEEKJOY CommunityWind Turbine Install near Line 3 Pipeline Route

Press Release: #ForgetFastFood – A Community Initiative

We are in the early stages of launching an initiative to combat the rampant destruction caused by factory farming and the fast food industry. We’re looking for your help!

This most recent community initiative, #ForgetFastFood, is simply a declaration to avoid consuming any and all products from the Fast Food industry indefinitely, no matter what.

We’ve setup a “group” on Facebook to allow for discussion about this topic, and we’re hoping you will take the time to share an experience (or two) which could inspire/motivate others to join the Pledge to stop consuming fast food.

The vision behind this initiative is to disrupt an industry and force the major corporations behind Fast Food to adopt new, alternative and sustainable means of providing industrial-scale food offerings to budget-conscious consumers.

To explore the initiative post, CLICK HERE.

To view and/or join the public group on Facebook, CLICK HERE.

Thank you all for your support. We look forward to hearing your feedback & stories – together we can take the first steps to #ForgetFastFood.

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The SEEKJOY CommunityPress Release: #ForgetFastFood – A Community Initiative