Support Your Local Fossil Fuel Industry Resistance Effort

You may have heard about “Standing Rock” or the “NoDAPL” movement. You might also have heard that it’s over… It’s not. The prayers from the Oceti Sakowin Camp were felt across the globe and people are mobilizing everywhere. Call it “Being Woke” or whatever you’d like – the time for a radical shift from dependence on fossil fuels is now.

This community initiative, as with all of our others, is completely dependent on broad-based public support from people like you.

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The weather is changing. The sea levels are rising. Clean access to drinking water is being threatened across the globe. But hey … that’s all happening just in “third world” countries, right? Wrong: in Flint, Michigan, water from the taps cannot even be used for washing your hands.

Our modern colonized ways of existence, as humans, since the industrial era have been developed and maintained by systems of limitless extraction and the use of fossil fuels.

With everything necessary for our survival as a species being threatened, we are slowly coming to a point of global understanding that our ways cannot continue indefinitely. Now is the time we must come together as two-leggeds and have the hard conversations about how we’re going to steer our ship down a different path. Welcome to #SYLFFIRE.

Primary Goals

  1. Promote a collective understanding among two-leggeds that although many of our systems are currently reliant on the use of fossil fuels, we must collaborate on new ways of living which reduce and/or eventually eradicate this dependency.

  2. Broaden the scope of people involved in social and environmental justice issues.

  3. Coordinate with local efforts organizing against the fossil fuel industry and introduce dedicated SCI’s (SEEKJOY Community Initiatives) to assist.

  4. Provide photo, video, web and general media support to Fossil Fuel Industry Resistance efforts.

  5. Syndicate relevant news, stories, funding requests and emergency needs of those committed to resisting the fossil fuel industry.

  6. Encourage constructive community discussions between humans on both sides of the issue including those who work for and/or in these industries and those who are opposed.

  7. Explore & propose root-cause alternatives to aspects of modern colonized society which are currently reliant on fossil fuels.

Getting Involved

This community initiative is a launch point for the various aspects we’re working to assist resistance efforts against the fossil fuel industry.

No act is too small…

1. Explore local efforts we’ve aligned with as part of the #SYLFFIRE initiative – If you are involved with an effort on the ground and would like to have it showcased on our page we’d love to hear from you!

2. Research local threats to water, the environment and the rights of First Nations and get involved with what they’ve got going on. Consider becoming a member of a local organization if one exists, maybe even start your own if there isn’t one! If it aligns with our values, we’ll help in any way we can.

3. As you go about your day to day life, begin to think about which things you use and/or buy which are products of the fossil fuel industry. When you come across these things, ask yourself, “Do I really need to buy/use this? Why?”

If/when you have identified these things in your daily life and are able to find either a solution to not use them, or an alternative for them which does not come from fossil fuels, tell your friends and/or post the idea to our Facebook wall.

4. Feeling creative? We’re encouraging anyone who would like to submit a guest post via the SEEKJOY media feed which we’ll publish! It can be anything, be creative! We’re engaged in promoting the art of resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, SEEKJOY doesn’t use any power supply for its work aside from solar BUT yeah, we get the idea.

Here’s the thing: sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. As this paradox first came to light, we worried about this but have come to the conclusion that for us all, as humans, it is not our fault that we’ve focused on these destructive industries to build the frameworks and infrastructures for our modern civilization. Had we spent the Industrial Era curating sustainable solutions like solar, wind, and hydro-electric power we would by now be using such tools much more commonly. This is not, however, how we invested our resources.

As we work to incorporate these alternative, sustainable energies into our modern structures it will require the use of fossil fuels, and we’re okay with that. In fact this use of fossil fuels ,to end the dependence we have on fossil fuels,  is the ONLY use of them we support.

Perfect – neither are we! One of the ways in which mainstream media outlets completely spun the story of what was taking place in the Oceti Sakowin Camp was by focusing on buzzwords like “protesters” which did a wonderful job of skewing the public’s perception of the events taking place. One of the first things you would have seen in the camp was a sign that read, “We are not PROTESTORS we are PROTECTORS.”
We strongly prefer this language as do many of the WATER PROTECTORS that are fighting daily to ensure humans have access to a clean, drinkable water supply for generations to come.

That is totally understandable as the industry we’re up against is a financially limitless power that will fight in any way it can to ensure that every drop of oil is extracted from the ground before it’s too late and global climate standards no longer allow for more to be tapped. We strongly encourage you to step slightly outside of your comfort zone and explore what these events, gatherings, and camps are all about. If you come with your ego aside and are ready to learn, experience, and help you will be well-received.

That said, always trust your gut and if something doesn’t seem right in a particular space never feel obligated to participate.

Just like almost every SEEKJOY Community Initiative, there’s no clear means of being compensated for our efforts. However, some time in the near future we’ll be adding some items to the online SEEKJOY Community Marketplace that can be used in supporting and promoting the goals of the various #SYLFFIRE initiatives on the ground. Check back soon

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