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IN THIS DREAM – Passionate, visionary movement-centric artists are able to do what they do, full time, and are supported by the art we create. Your art is needed. Your art is beautiful. Your art inspires others to make art. Art changes culture, and our mainstream culture needs to change.

Opportunities within the SEEKJOY ecosystem.

The Community Marketplace could be a space to sell your artwork online. The events SEEKJOY organizes and collaborates on could provide compensation for you to perform. Maybe SEEKJOY could help produce an idea you have – an event, a podcast, a gallery showing, a public art installation. Do you have a website? Need one? Could we produce a video featuring your work, why you do what you do & the social movements you’re involved with? Or hey – maybe we can just share a link to your latest project.

Step #1: Meet & Greet!

The button below takes you to an encrypted form asking for some information about you, your work & your vision. Once your submission comes through, someone from the team here will reach out to schedule a meet & greet to explore some ideas on how we might be able to collaborate. There’s no pressure here! By submitting the form you’re not agreeing to anything. SEEKJOY’s approach is not for everyone, but if what we’re up to fits with your vision for the future, this might be the first step towards something super fun and dare we say, radical.

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