Video Recap: “Choose Your Line 3 Legacy, Governor Walz”

The above video features clips from the “Choose Your Line 3 Legacy, Governor Walz” event held at the Governor’s Mansion in Saint Paul on Saturday, November 14th.

The recap video features an opening vocal performance from Jessica Garraway. Speakers in the video include (in order of appearance):

  • Emma Harrison (Event MC & Organizer with MN350 Pipeline Resistance Team)
  • Joe Vital (MN DFL American Indian Caucus)
  • Mysti Babineau (Red Lake Nation | MN350 Climate Justice Organizer)
  • Taysha Martineau (Two Spirit Indigenous Activist, Fond Du Lac Band | Gitchigumi Scouts)
  • Nancy Beaulieu (Leech Lake Citizen | R.I.S.E Coalition | Northern MN Organizer, MN350)
  • Tonia Black Elk (Crow Creek Sioux Tribe)
  • Annabelle Niblett (Land Stewardship Project)
  • Luna Zeidner (Outreach Director, Omar Fateh for Senate District 62)

For more information about the event & the photo gallery posted yesterday, view this post.

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The SEEKJOY CommunityVideo Recap: “Choose Your Line 3 Legacy, Governor Walz”

Choose Your Line 3 Legacy, Governor Walz [Event Photos]

Coalition groups opposing the Line 3 Tar Sands Oil Pipeline organized “Choose Your Line 3 Legacy, Governor Walz“, a gathering at the Governor’s Mansion in St. Paul, MN on Saturday Nov. 14th.

The event took place on the heels of the MPCA & DNR releasing all remaining permits for the Line 3 Replacement Pipeline Project, which had thus far been responsible for preventing Enbridge Energy from starting construction along the proposed route in Northern Minnesota.

Just hours prior to the DNR & MPCA’s announcement granting the permits this past Thursday, Nov. 14th, Enbridge had filed notice to landowners along the pipeline route in Northern Minnesota that construction will begin on or around Nov. 30th, 2020.

Lawsuits challenging the legitimacy of the permits issued by the Public Utilities Commission earlier this year are underway and actively inn the appeals process, but court dates will not come until spring/summer of 2021. With what is known of Enbridge’s construction timeline, the Line 3 Replacement Project would most likely be in the ground and flowing oil by the time the courts are deciding the outcome of the appeals.

One of the only ways construction can be stopped in the court system is via a Motion for a Stay Against Construction which would be filed by environmental & Tribal groups opposing the project. A Stay would essentially mandate a restraining order preventing Enbridge from continuing construction until the active legal challenges to the project have been resolved.

On August 18th, 2017, Tim Walz stated in a Tweet, “(1/2) Any line that goes through treaty lands is a nonstarter for me.” Many speakers & signs during today’s gathering called back to that statement now that under the Walz’ administration, a ‘line” that “goes through treaty lands” is now about to “start.”

The coming weeks & months will be extremely important in the fight to #StopLine3, both in the courts & on the ground.

Photos from the “Choose Your Line 3 Legacy, Governor Walz” event have been posted to facebook here [Album on FB] and in high-resolution without watermarks to our SmugMug Portal [Event Gallery via SmugMug].

Video captured during the event will be made available in the coming days.

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The SEEKJOY CommunityChoose Your Line 3 Legacy, Governor Walz [Event Photos]

Line 3 2nd Revised FEIS Hearing at the PUC

Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission held hearings at the MN Senate Building in Downtown St. Paul regarding the 2nd Revised Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Line 3 Replacement Project.

The Commission heard comments directly from the public on Friday, Jan. 31st and statements from the Official Parties involved with the Proceedings on Monday, Feb. 3. As part of the agenda, the PUC had to determine whether the FEIS was now adequate having factored in a potential oil spill in the Lake Superior Watershed and then, based on whether or not the updated spill modeling was “adequate” they had to determine whether to re-issue the Certificate of Need and Route Permit for the project.

Although the Commission ultimately voted three-to-one to approve all three of the agenda items, unlike the 2018 summer decision the outcome was not unanimous. Commissioner Schuerger, who was appointed by Governor Dayton in 2016 to the PUC, dissented against all three items and voted against the motions of the floor.

We documented the hearings and compiled a recap with reactions from several of the environmental groups responding to the decision, including Andy Pearson with MN350, Winona LaDuke with Honor the Earth, Scott Strand representing Friends of the Headwaters, Akilah Sanders-Reed & Brent Murcia with the Youth Climate Intervenors and others involved either with the official proceedings or in supporting groups.


To view & share this extended recap video via the SEEKJOY Facebook Page, click here!

We also compiled this graphic below of part of the statement made by Commissioner Schuerger in his dissent against the approval of the Environmental Impact Statement. To view the image post on our Facebook page, click here: https://www.facebook.com/SEEKJOYco/photos/a.444838142366199/1487722568077746

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The SEEKJOY CommunityLine 3 2nd Revised FEIS Hearing at the PUC

Chase Bank Saint Paul Shut Down on Opening Day with Die-In and Rally

JPMorgan Chase opened a new branch in St. Paul, MN, on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 and just minutes after doors opened to the public at 9:00am, the first locals arrived. These first few locals, however, were not arriving to open up new bank accounts. In fact, they were there to do just the opposite.

Within minutes of the new Chase location opening in St. Paul, banking associates were greeted by around 20 humans staging a “die-in”, laying on the floor as if dead, filling the entire lobby area. Any members of the broader public would have had to walk across the seemingly deceased humans in order to meet with a banker.

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The SEEKJOY CommunityChase Bank Saint Paul Shut Down on Opening Day with Die-In and Rally


Halloween is a day for all things scary. Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Pipeline Project, however, is a whole other level of scary.

Ghosts, ghouls and goblins might make you jump for a moment, but then you realize they’re not actually real. Climate Change, however, IS real.

We are permanently altering the entire global ecosystem, a system that for millions of years has evolved to allow us two-leggeds the means of eating nutritious food, drinking clean water, and passing along a world to our children that allows them to do the same.

As Minnesotans, we have a choice.

We can say, “Enough is Enough” and tell our State leadership that we, united, want to make a global difference in the Climate Crisis and deny Enbridge, a Canadian Corporation, permission to build a Tar Sands Oil Pipeline across our beautiful North woods and the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

The time is not to take bold, decisive action to make the thought of humanity’s future a little less scary than it currently is.

Please join the growing movement to #StopLine3.

Oh, and Happy Halloween from SEEKJOY Camp 🙂

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The SEEKJOY CommunityBooLine3

“We Are Still Here” Indigenous Peoples’ Day Parade 2019 in Saint Paul, MN


The Indigenous Peoples’ Day Parade in Saint Paul, Minnesota, took place on October 14th, the second Monday of the month, which is a date formerly referred to as “Columbus Day” but which has been recognized, although unofficially, as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” in Minnesota since 2015.

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The SEEKJOY Community“We Are Still Here” Indigenous Peoples’ Day Parade 2019 in Saint Paul, MN

MN PUC Hearing on Adequacy of Line 3 EIS


Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission held a procedural hearing this past Tuesday to determine the course of action which should be taken regarding the June 3rd, 2019 appeals court ruling that the Environmental Impact Statement conducted for Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 Pipeline Replacement Project did not adequately address a potential spill in the Lake Superior Watershed.

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The SEEKJOY CommunityMN PUC Hearing on Adequacy of Line 3 EIS

Join us at the Lake! Gichi-Gami Gathering to Stop Line 3


The SEEKJOY Community invites you to the shores of Lake Superior for a beautiful day focused on stopping the Line 3 Tar Sand Oil Pipeline Replacement Project!

On June 3rd, 2019, Minnesota’s Appeals Court ruled that the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) used as part of Line 3’s Route & Certificate of Need permitting process did not adequately address the impacts of a potential spill in the Lake Superior Watershed.

Line 3’s current and proposed route sits directly inside the Lake Superior Basin and any spill in this area would be catastrophic.

Join us at the Gichi-Gami Gathering to Stop Line 3 this Saturday, September 28th, 2019 on the shores of Lake Superior (Gichigami) to show that we, as Minnesotans, value our pristine North Shore.

For those traveling from the Twin Cities, there are several busses being chartered and you can jump on one for a sliding scale of $0 to $40. Bus Registration and Info available by Clicking Here.

We’ll see you at the Lake!

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/864727973920369/

RSVP to attend the Event By Clicking Here: https://www.gichi-gami-gathering.com/rsvp

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The SEEKJOY CommunityJoin us at the Lake! Gichi-Gami Gathering to Stop Line 3

“The Time is Now” Bus Painting during St. Paul Youth Climate Strikes

On Friday, September 20th, 2019 upwards 5,000 students marched on the Saint Paul Capitol in Minnesota as part of the international Youth Climate Strikes calling for immediate action to address the Climate Crisis.

The Youth Climate Strike’s organizing website, StrikeWithUs.org, identifies a list of demands being called for by young people around the world. Under the first demand for a “Green New Deal” is the call for “a halt to all leasing and permitting for fossil fuel extraction, processing and infrastructure projects immediately.”

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The SEEKJOY Community“The Time is Now” Bus Painting during St. Paul Youth Climate Strikes

Enbridge vows to get Line 3, Line 5 oil pipeline projects back on track

S&P Global releases article suggesting that “Enbridge will set a new in-service target for Line 3 once the state Public Utility Commission signals how long it will take to re-certify the environmental impact statement.”

Link to Full Article: https://www.spglobal.com/platts/en/market-insights/latest-news/oil/080219-enbridge-vows-to-get-line-3-line-5-oil-pipeline-projects-back-on-track

The SEEKJOY CommunityEnbridge vows to get Line 3, Line 5 oil pipeline projects back on track