Standing Against the Line 3 Replacement Project

Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission has awarded Enbridge Energy the “Certificate of Need” for replacement of the Line 3 Pipeline along a BRAND NEW PIPELINE CORRIDOR crossing the Headwaters of the Mississippi River and through Anishinaabe Treaty Territory and Wild Rice Lakes. Minnesotan citizens and the Water Protector community are the only chance left to #StopLine3

Flying over the Current & Proposed Line 3 Replacement Project Routes

Bill Paulson, Community Leader at Camp Turtle Island – MikinaakMinis Genawendang Nibi Endazhi-gabeshing and expert witness for the intervening parties against Line 3, walks us through some key notes as part of a flyover of the current route of the Line 3 Pipeline as well as the Applicant’s Preferred Route.

Primary Goals

  1. Support local efforts on the ground in and around Minnesota as outlined in the #SYLFFIRE Initiative as it pertains to Enbridge Energy’s proposed Line 3 Replacement Project.

  2. Build and strengthen alliances between humans in the Twin Cities and humans in the Central/Northern regions of Minnesota most effected by the proposed route.

  3. Encourage those who enjoy hunting, fishing, canoeing, hiking and other outdoor activities in the North Woods to jump on board with efforts to stop further degradation of the Minnesota’s natural beauty.

  4. Raise awareness about the significance of the proposed Line 3 Replacement project as a key component in delivering tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada to refineries in the Midwest to be shipped overseas.

General Information about Line 3

  1. The existing Line 3 Pipeline is over 50 years old and has over 900 “structural anomalies.” It is currently operating as a fraction of its original capacity and delivers Tar Sands Oil from Alberta, Canada to refineries in the Superior, Wisconsin.

  2. Enbridge has proposed that its “Replacement” for the pipeline be constructed in a NEW corridor south of the Leech Lake and Fond Du Lac Reservations in North/Central Minnesota. At present, the proposal indicates that the existing pipeline, if the replacement is approved, will be sealed and stay permanently where it is until it degrades into the soil.

  3. The new pipeline corridor would set the stage to allow for Enbridge to slowly move ALL of its pipelines from the Mainline Corridor crossing through Leech Lake to the new corridor in time.

  4. Minnesota has an environmental review process for projects of this nature, administered by the Public Utilities Commission. In advance of being approved to cross Minnesota, Enbridge has already began construction in Canada, North Dakota and Wisconsin. If Minnesota denies the permit, it will be a HUGE statement to the Oil Industries: You can no longer bully your way through the people.

  5. The proposed Line 3 Pipeline would carry 960,000 barrels of oil across the Headwaters of the Mississippi in two places as well as the Red River and watersheds to Lake Superior each and every day. A spill, like what happened in the Kalamazoo River in Michigan by another one of Enbridge Energy’s pipelines, would be catastrophic.

  6. Even assuming the Line 3 pipeline DOES NOT leak (which they almost always do), construction of the project will significantly disturb the natural environment and the animals that inhabit this part of our North Woods.

  7. According to the analysis by Administrative Law Judge Ann O’Reilly in her report on the proposal in May, 2018, neither Enbridge Energy nor ANY of its partners or subsidies would be responsible for the financial burden of cleanup if the pipeline spills – it will be entirely up to Minnesotan Tax-Payers.

Efforts on the Ground

As part of #SYLFFIRE and our general mission statement, we’re simply a back-end catalyst for those efforts on the ground opposing this project. A handful of these efforts have been summarized and linked to below!

Do you have an organization/page/project that should be included below?  Contact us and we’ll get it posted.


MN350: Building a Climate Movement in Minnesota

MN350 has provided a wealth of information in the form of Fact Sheets made available on their website at http://www.mn350.org/line-3-fact-sheets/ and have been pivotal in organizing locally in the Twin Cities. Follow their Facebook Page for current happenings and take a look at their events calendar for Line 3 gatherings as well as other events surrounding climate change action in Minnesota.

Honor the Earth

Honor the Earth

Honor the Earth is an indigenous-led organization under the direction of Winona La Duke based out of the White Earth Reservation. They played a massive role in stopping the Sandpiper Pipeline and have built and maintain the website StopLine3.org, the primary resource made available online as part of the effort to #StopLine3.

The Giniw Collective

Giniw Frontline Resistance

Giniw is a grassroots, frontlines effort led by indigenous women to protect the sacred and empower the next generation of leadership with traditional values. Giniw is an encampment focused on direct action trainings, community outreach and education, supporting and engaging in traditional lifeways and cultural teachings, and relationship-building within the broader movement against fossil fuels and structural racism into a better way of life. Indigenous territories are not sacrifice zones and the tar sands machine must stop. Learn more, follow & support via their facebook page: facebook.com/pg/giniwcollective

Pipeline Legal Action Network

Pipeline Legal Action Network (PLAN)

PLAN is a collective made up of individuals with experience in a wide variety of activist legal defense organizations, including: Coldsnap Legal Collective (RNC 2008), The Civil Liberties Defense Center, Water Protector Legal Collective (Standing Rock), The RNC 8 Defense Committee, Anarchist Black Cross prisoner support, and more.

PLAN is working to facilitate and support legal planning for activists targeted by the state during the Line 3 pipeline resistance campaigns. PLAN hopes to help prepare people and support their efforts to build their own legal support structures within their affinity groups and organizations, rather than having a service model of legal support. PLAN is also aware that not everyone comes prepared to the resistance, and sometimes people are swept up in mass arrests without support or resources. PLAN aims to make sure no one falls through the cracks—please contact PLAN if you or someone you know needs support with their Line 3 related arrest. Learn more on their website: planline3.com or via Facebook: facebook.com/planline3

Sierra Club North Star Chapter

Sierra Club North Star Chapter’s Beyond Oil / Stop Line 3 Team

The Sierra Club is involved in the battle to Stop the Line 3 Tar Sands Oil Pipeline Replacement Project! The Stop Line 3 Team advocates for a clean energy future free of oil pipelines, trains, and fossil fuel transportation through the state of Minnesota. Website Link: sierraclub.org/minnesota/beyond-oil

Makwa Initiative

Healing MN Stories

Scott Russell has been providing exceptional journalistic coverage over the course of the past 3 years regarding legal happenings. Explore https://healingmnstories.wordpress.com/enbridge-line-3/ to stay current on news.

How you can get involved

1. The primary “hashtags” being used by MN350, Honor the Earth, Sierra Club Northstar Chapter and others are #StopLine3, #NoLine3, and #WeWillStopLine3. Engage with them!

2. We’ll be syndicating relevant news, stories, and media about the proposed Line 3 Replacement Project in our stream under the category of StopLine3. Explore and follow that feed by clicking here.

3. There’s an old skoolie (school bus) driving around the Twin Cities with “Stop Line 3” in big letters. Stop by and say hi if you see it or just snap a photo and share it with the #StopLine3 hashtag!

4. The SEEKJOY Community Facebook page will serve as a good resource for call to actions. Check it out here.

This community initiative, as with all of our others, is completely dependent on broad-based public support from people like you.

Want to help fund what we do? You can contribute to support this initiative specifically, or make a general contribution to our SEEKJOY Community Fund. Thank you for being you 🙂

The SEEKJOY Community#StopLine3