A Grassroots Mutual-Aid Network connecting Mask-Makers with people in Need.

MaskMvmt.org was built as a crisis-response tool organizing around the need for home-made cloth facemasks to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. The portal was launched in March, 2020 and has received requests for over 10,000 masks in the Twin Cities metro.

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This MaskMvmt.org fundraiser is providing us the ability to acquire bulk fabric and pre-cut mask-making materials which are being distributed to a decentralized sewing network across Minnesota to meet the demand inside the portal!

Primary Goals of the Mask Movement

  1. Encourage Ordinary Citizens to Make & Wear Cloth Face Masks! Wearing a cloth face mask does not prevent the COVID-19 Virus from entering your own body. That said, COVID-19 spreads via expectorant, the small molecules that leave your mouth when you talk, cough, sneeze, etc. Wearing a cloth face mask reduces the distance your expectorant will travel, limiting the chance of you spreading the virus to others if you are currently infected, whether you are sick or asymptomatic.

  2. Support a Mutual-Aid Network Delivering Masks to Individuals & Families in Need. Many high-risk individuals and families are still going to work, getting their own groceries, getting supplies etc. The MaskMvmt.org portal allows people to request masks in a secure way, notifying volunteers on the backend who are mobilized to deliver masks based on the supply being made in the corresponding “zone”.

  3. Increase Capacity & Streamline a Decentralized Mask-Making Community. We’re acquiring bulk materials and using an industrial process to cut & prepare “mask-making kits” that are being distributed to people sewing across Minnesota. These mask-making kits are speeding up the process of making masks, allowing more to be supplied into the system to meet the ever-growing list of requests.

Getting Involved

Can you Sew?

If you are proficient sewer based in the Twin Cities and would like to get involved with this effort, please take a look at the “For Mask-Makers” section of MaskMvmt.org. If you have materials, that’s awesome! Check out the Tutorials Section which will show the two styles of mask that we are recommending people make. The one thing that we decided early on & have been advocating for is that any mask you make & supply into the portal be made in a way that allows for a filter to be inserted.

Want to Help Pickup & Deliver Masks in the Twin Cities Metro?

If you aren’t really into the whole sewing thing, but would like to help the effort by picking up & delivering masks, please contact the MaskMvmt.org team via the contact form on the website. A volunteer will get in touch ASAP!

Can You Support this Effort Financially?

This grassroots effort has a lot of moving parts. Early on, as soon as the CDC updated its guidelines and began suggesting that ordinary citizens wear a cloth face mask in public, the MaskMvmt.org portal saw a HUGE influx in activity. As organizers, we realized that local volunteer supply was not going to be anywhere near meeting demand and that something had to be done to catalyze the movement. One of the primary bottle-necks in the sewing process is the cutting of materials. Working with an amazing group of volunteers & the team at Innovize, a local medical device manufacturing company (Click to View their Press Release), we found a way to pre-cut thousands of masks an hour.

With a streamlined cutting operation now in place, the only limit we have is the amount of fabric & tie-material we can acquire, which basically comes down to the financial resources available to this effort.

If you can make a donation, please do! You can donate via MaskMvmt.org/Donate or via the GoFundMe Fundraiser organized by Eoin Small. If you can share the fundraiser in your network, that would be amazing!

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