The NO Dakota Access Pipeline SEEKJOY® Standing Rock Initiative

There are many ways to support our efforts and the efforts of our fellow Water Protectors. To support our involvement directly, please consider a donation to our General Fund.

This community initiative, as with all of our others, is completely dependent on broad-based public support from people like you.

Want to help fund what we do? You can contribute to support this initiative specifically, or make a general contribution to our Resistance Fund. Thank you for being you.

The NoDAPL SEEKJOY® Standing Rock Initiative

We’re here for Good. We’re here to help. We’re here to make a statement alongside thousands standing up for what is right.

The primary focal points the #NoDAPLSSRI campaign are summarized below, but we are continually adapting our operational strategies as the landscape and needs as part of the movement evolve. We strongly encourage those of you reading this to get involved, tell us your thoughts, provide suggestions and help us help.


We’re maintaining open lines of communication with supporters and allies of the Standing Rock movement from our hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota and elsewhere. If you have thoughts on how you can help contribute to what is going on here please get in touch and we’ll facilitate as best we can.

Document & Produce

We came equipped with our media gear and originally joined forces with Oceti Sakowin Camp Media to capture and publish photo and video of every thing from day-to-day life in camp to the direct actions on the front-line. We documented all the way up until the final February 22nd deadline when we, and the OSCM team were informed that “Press” could not operate inside the camp. In a ceremonious departure, we drove the Press Bus down from Media Hill at approx 4pm on the 22nd and are staying nearby supporting those looking to transition home and/or to the next camp.

Provide Shelter

Our 33′ converted school bus made the journey from Minneapolis, MN to Oceti Sakowin Camp and was dug in for months on “Hunkpapa Hill”, finally moving to the top of the “Media Hill” during the final weeks before the raid. Throughout the winter, the bus served as a shelter for Water Protectors against the bitter winter conditions of the North Dakotan plains. Dozens of Water Protectors and Allies have saught refuge in the bus and were kept warm, fed, and ready for the next action. Although it has now moved near by, it continues to be a resource to Water Protectors – feel free to reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help with whatever you need.

Drive Awareness & Social Activism

Major media has albeit moved on from what is happening at Standing Rock, yet the movement continues to gain strength via social media networks around the globe on a daily basis. We are contributing to this on-going effort to keep #StandingRock in the public’s eye.

Stand in Solidarity

We’re staying for the long-haul. Many have come and gone, but the current need on the ground is dedicated, self-sufficient but community supportive ‘two-leggeds’ willing to stand in solidarity throughout the winter.