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Standing with Standing Rock

#NoDAPLSSRI: The NO Dakota Access Pipeline SEEKJOY Standing Rock Initiative

stories from the frontline

A playlist with some of the media produced from inside the oceti sakowin camp during the winter of 2016/2017

Our work during the #NoDAPL Movement

There’s a time & a place for in-depth explanations of things, but that’s not here. That said, below are some of the main focal points of the work SEEKJOY engaged in during the winter of 2016/2017 alongside the Oceti Sakowin.


Major media did very little to communicate what was really happening in Oceti. Much of the media & comms work was done through social media with whatever means were available. SEEKJOY supported where it was possible to support,  joining forces with the Oceti Sakowin Camp Media team to capture and publish photo and video from the frontline.

Supplies, Shelter & Mutual Aid

SEEKJOY maintained open lines of communication with supporters and allies of the Standing Rock movement from Minnesota and helped provide essential supplies, gear, equipment & financial support. Throughout the winter, SEEKJOY helped provide shelter & essential in-camp mutual-aid during the bitter winter conditions of the North Dakota plains. The encampment was off-grid without any infrastructure for water, electricity, heat, or shelter. Community was the center of day to day life.

Learning & Cross-Cultural Understanding

The Dakota Access Pipeline was eventually built, but the spirit of the movement lives on. Standing Rock inspired the world. People woke up. The movement was strengthened. The tough conversations and work of decolonization continues. Indigenous wisdom and teachings are spreading. Maybe there’s still hope.

This community initiative, as with all of our others, is completely dependent on broad-based public support from people like you.

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