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Adding SeekJoy Patch to Levi Brand Sweatshirt

Building community, one #seekjoyPatch at a time

When you think of a brand like Red Bull™ , what comes to mind? What about Adidas™? Gucci™? The SEEKJOY “brand” is for the changemakers. It’s for the artists. It’s for the community organizers. It’s for the people fighting for a livable future – for all – in the face of a global climate crisis that’s not going away any time soon.


The last thing the world needs is more t-shirts. We have enough. Fast fashion is one of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world. The SEEKJOY brand is rallying to foster a culture where humans buy “used” clothing & apparel. We transact with the thrift economy, we repair/reuse what we have & we reduce overall consumption. That is sustainability. At least, that’s our approach. Let’s make patches — patches that spread a message & can be attached to garments in your existing wardrobe.

Some Quick Facts via #FashionRevolution has compiled many educational resources that are available to help raise awareness about the damaging effects of the “Fast Fashion” industry. Below are some graphics from their social media kit that we found particularly interesting!

Image of SEEKJOY Embroidery Machine

How Are These Patches Manufactured?

From upcycled fabric. The most common fabrics used are denim from jean pants that are beyond repair, duck canvas from worn-out workwear brands like Carhartt, and poly mesh from outdoor camping chairs that have been discarded.

Colorways & styles are dependent on current supplies of repurposed fabrics and we do our best to keep the community marketplace current with our available options.

Are you an independent artist/activist/organizer using your talent to make the world a better place via radical social change?

If the answer is yes, there’s a good chance we wanna amplify what you’re doing and collaborate somehow! Click below for info on how to get involved within the SEEKJOY ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Nope! These patches are NOT made to be “ironed on” to your clothes. While you COULD use a fabric adhesive to attach these, they are designed to be SEWN onto their end destination. If you have access to a sewing machine and a couple pins, or a needle and some thread, you’ll have no problem sewing these SEEKJOY patches on.

    Don’t know how to sew? Here’s a thought: Learn! Basic sewing is extremely easy to learn, and is an extremely handy skill to put in your arsenal – a skill that seems to have been forgotten in modern times. Visible mending and the ability to repair slightly damaged/worn textiles is an act of resistance itself, and one that we support.

    Don’t wanna learn to sew? Reach out to your local community and see if there’s anyone near you that could help sew these patches on. Maybe toss them a couple bucks for their time, a move that fosters the building of an alternative local economy. Just thoughts 🙂

  • On just about anything! Ideally, your SEEKJOY patch will be sewn onto a garment that you already own and/or have purchased from thrift store and attached OVER the existing “corporate” logo that you’re currently representing.

    We’ve seen SEEKJOY patches on: winter hats / beanies, flat-brimmed caps, t-shirts, polos, coveralls, guitar straps, pot-holders, purses, handbags, backpacks, home-made clothes & accessories, etc. The possibilities are endless – when you’ve sewn a SEEKJOY patch onto something, make sure to take a photo and post it somewhere online with the #seekjoypatch hashtag and maybe even tag @seekjoyco with it 🙂

Got your patch? Spread the word!

Use the #seekjoyPatch hashtag and include @seekjoyco on instagram with a photo of your new used clothing and/or accessory, with a statement why you’re repping the seekjoy brand!

If someone asks about your patch, start a conversation about social change! What are you doing to make the world a better place? Why are you refusing to support fast fashion? How can your local community work to better support each other?

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