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Welcome to #BringBackTheHanky, an effort towards reducing our use of disposable paper towels!

Handmade & durable! These handkerchiefs are perfect for your back pocket and they’re a great way to start conversations about reducing our use of disposable paper products!

These handmade handkerchiefs are approximately 12” x 12” and constructed with a 55% Hemp and 45% Certified Organic Cotton blend fabric. Each hanky includes a #BringBackTheHanky patch & a SEEKJOY logo sewn onto opposing corners.

100% Solar Stitched!

Each #BringBackTheHanky hemp handkerchief is sewn in the United States off-grid via solar and/or in facilities that are grid-tied but 100% offset by renewable energy.

Made with Sustainable Fabrics!

Hemp & Certified Organic Cotton make for an amazingly eco-friendly combination. We source these fabrics as locally as possible (and yes, we’re continuing to advocate for the legalization of industrial hemp).

Proceeds Support a Good Cause!

Proceeds support SEEKJOY’s work catalyzing independent artists, activists & organizers working towards radical social change!

Refuse to Use Paper Towels

Quick Fact

The production of paper products is the 3rd largest global user of fossil fuels!

Source: American Forest and Paper Association, (Garner, J.W.. Energy Conservation Practices Offer Environmental and Cost Benefits. Pulp & Paper, October 2002).
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Primary Goals: #BringBackTheHanky

1. Raise awareness about the negative effects disposable products have on our environment and showcase the impracticality of their place in modern social structures.

2. Encourage readily-adoptable alternatives to disposable paper products! Almost every paper product COULD be made from hemp pulp as opposed to trees.

3. Catalyze & advocate for strengthening the hemp fiber industry in the US.

Have your own hanky? Sew on a #BringBackTheHanky patch & help encourage others to stop using disposable paper products!

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