NO PERMITS // NO PIPES (#StopLine3 Action Recap)

The day before Minnesota’s Department of Commerce announced their filing of an appeal of the Public Utilities Commission’s Certificate of Need Permit for the Enbridge Energy Line 3 “Replacement” Pipeline, about a hundred two-leggeds gathered just south of Duluth Minnesota to expose a hidden pipeyard where Enbridge is storing a massive pile of pipeline sections to be used in construction of the Line 3 Pipeline Replacement Project.



The action was organized by the Ginew Collective and supported by MN350, who chartered a bus from the Twin Cities in solidarity with the indigenous-led action. After a handful of beautiful speeches in front of a large banner that read, “NO PERMITS NO PIPES” the Carlton County Sherriff’s Department called for the group to disperse.

This extended video recap is available on our facebook page as well as on the video playlist as part of the #StopLine3 initiative page on this site.


The SEEKJOY CommunityNO PERMITS // NO PIPES (#StopLine3 Action Recap)
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