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Northern Metal Community Intervention – A Local’s Perspective

The Northern Metal Recycling facility along the Mississippi in North Minneapolis, Minnesota, has burdened local residents for years with toxic pollution. Although the facility’s shredder was scheduled to cease operations by August 1st, 2019, it will continue to operate due to an extension provided by the Ramsey County District Court.

According to the MPR News story on the extension, “MPCA commissioner Laura Bishop said that a Ramsey County Judge ruled that Northern Metal could continue to operate while a dispute with her agency is resolved.”

We attended a Community Intervention and Call to Action hosted by local community organizers and ran into a gentleman who was not at the community rally on the Lowry Bridge but who has been a tenant in a building adjacent to the Northern Metals Recycling Facility for over 20 years.

Gary, who requested we not use his last name, had been raising bees on the roof of the building for years and they all died during the first winter Northern Metals began operating its shredder.

Furthermore, Gary no longer grows and eats vegetables from his rooftop garden due to the pollution from the facility which is monitored by the EPA and has failed to meet state air quality standards.

We captured a video of Gary’s story and have posted it below as well as via the SEEKJOY community facebook page (link at bottom of post).


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