Winter. Is. Here.

It’s October 11th, 2018 and snow has fallen on the White Earth Reservation in Northern Minnesota.

If you haven’t heard about the Enbridge Energy Proposed “Line 3 Pipeline” we’re encouraging you to get up to speed. Long story short, we as Minnesotans, Midwesterners & Mississippi River’ers have the choice to let a Tar Sands Oil Pipeline cross our headwaters or not. This pipeline is a 50-year investment in wrong direction.

Some resources:

Take a look at, like the Stop Line 3 Facebook Page and get involved. Honor the Earth is an organization you should probably checkout.

Connect with your local chapter. Here in Minnesota, MN350 is on point – sign their “Pledge of Resistance” and join their email list. They’re also on Facebook – Like ’em!

There is a large grassroots network working together on the ground – support the frontline work any way you can. Some feeds to follow:

– Ginew (Fb)

– Anti-Colonial Land Defense (Fb)

– Healing MN Stories: (Web)

– Unicorn Riot (Web | Fb)

– Camp Turtle Island (Fb)

– Camps A Rising (Web | Fb)

Oh, and vote for a candidate in the upcoming election who represents your views on what type of world we should leave for our children.

Let’s do this.

Sending love from SEEKJOY Camp!

The music in this video is “System Failure ft. G.Namian” by Comisar. Find him on Facebook here!

The SEEKJOY CommunityWinter. Is. Here.
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